03.    Rise of Multiple Realities 

Project Brief.
For the first half of the final year thesis project span, it was a lot about thinking, reading and probing; focusing on my design research, preparing to respond to the framed problem as a tangible outcome. Through a combination of in-depth readings, causal loop probing, interviews, thought-provoking conversations, engaging in social experiments, keen observation, and iterative prototyping, I have solidified my framed problems theory: "the rise of multiple realities and the distortion of shared memory." By closely examining and expanding my research through the lens of social science, I have came up with the following problem statement for my project.
Design Research, Editorial  

Problem Statement. 
I believe that digitalization negatively impacts humanity's memory formation and consequently disconnects people from sharing a 'similar' identity. While I acknowledge that human perception of reality is inherently diverse - shaped by individual focus on specific aspects influenced by past experiences - I maintain that it is crucial to address the negative consequences of rapid digitalization. Technology introduces different versions of personal reality that belong to individuals. This increased complexity and multiple layers of reality can weaken the concept of a shared reality that everyone experiences together.

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