02.    ATMO, Skincare for All

Project Brief. 
ATMO, a skincare brand, strives to develop accessible products for all. The serum line offers an intuitive tactile experience, enabling users to easily identify each product's function. The efficacy of serum is conveyed through visual patterns and colors based on the user perception tests. Embossed graphics are printed on packaging to indicate the function, orientation and usage instructions. By employing vibrant colors, ATMO welcomes everyone, including the visually impaired, to indulge in the complete experience, from purchase to application.

Packaging Design  

Design Process. 
The motivation for this project was rooted in extensive research on the current state of the cosmetic industry, as well as a focus on inclusive design principles. Given that many cosmetic products share similar packaging shapes, particularly in the case of serums, there is a need to create designs that are both efficient and profitable. To achieve this goal, the design process involved several stages of testing, including interviews with visually impaired Youtuber Ooyung and three rounds of user perception tests focused on patterns, colors, and packaging. The aim was to ensure that the design reflected the generic perceptions of the target users and created an inclusive design that meets the needs of a wide range of users.

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