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01.    Crew Players Sumer Showcase

Project Brief. 
Crew Players Dance Complex Ltd, a leading Hong Kong dance studio, held its 9th annual summer showcase. As the designer and visual director, I provided creative guidance for the event. Our theme, "music never dies," led to a visually captivating key visual that reimagined LPs in a modern street dance setting. The vibrant orange-red colors against a black backdrop created a visually striking experience for our audience of over 300 dancers.
2023 Brand Identity 

Design Process. 
We started by collaborating with the client to understand their requirements for the annual live event. Through an extensive brainstorming process, we refined the visual identity based on feedback and made revisions. Then, we printed and mass-produced the materials for promotion and sales.

02.    ATMO, Skincare for All

Project Brief. 
ATMO, a skincare brand, strives to develop accessible products for all. The serum line offers an intuitive tactile experience, enabling users to easily identify each product's function. The efficacy of serum is conveyed through visual patterns and colors based on the user perception tests. Embossed graphics are printed on packaging to indicate the function, orientation and usage instructions. By employing vibrant colors, ATMO welcomes everyone, including the visually impaired, to indulge in the complete experience, from purchase to application.

Packaging Design  

Design Process. 
The motivation for this project was rooted in extensive research on the current state of the cosmetic industry, as well as a focus on inclusive design principles. Given that many cosmetic products share similar packaging shapes, particularly in the case of serums, there is a need to create designs that are both efficient and profitable. To achieve this goal, the design process involved several stages of testing, including interviews with visually impaired Youtuber Ooyung and three rounds of user perception tests focused on patterns, colors, and packaging. The aim was to ensure that the design reflected the generic perceptions of the target users and created an inclusive design that meets the needs of a wide range of users.

03.    Rise of Multiple Realities 

Project Brief.
For the first half of the final year thesis project span, it was a lot about thinking, reading and probing; focusing on my design research, preparing to respond to the framed problem as a tangible outcome. Through a combination of in-depth readings, causal loop probing, interviews, thought-provoking conversations, engaging in social experiments, keen observation, and iterative prototyping, I have solidified my framed problems theory: "the rise of multiple realities and the distortion of shared memory." By closely examining and expanding my research through the lens of social science, I have came up with the following problem statement for my project.
Design Research, Editorial  

Problem Statement. 
I believe that digitalization negatively impacts humanity's memory formation and consequently disconnects people from sharing a 'similar' identity. While I acknowledge that human perception of reality is inherently diverse - shaped by individual focus on specific aspects influenced by past experiences - I maintain that it is crucial to address the negative consequences of rapid digitalization. Technology introduces different versions of personal reality that belong to individuals. This increased complexity and multiple layers of reality can weaken the concept of a shared reality that everyone experiences together.

04.    Beentage

Project Brief.
The unique experience of sharing different stories by sharing clothes. Through archiving individual histories of garments on user platform, Beentage encourage sustainable fashion; by growing a new, reframed quality standard of garments: value added second hand clothes.

Design Process. 
The project was entirely self-driven, with a focus on first-hand research, user-testing, branding, and system design. I have conducted extensive research to gain insight into the core of fast fashion and to identify new, sustainable, and innovative ways to consume fashion. My goal was to create a project that would make a positive impact on the fashion industry and the environment.

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